Ninja Star Games presents

Construction Fever

3~5 players : Ages 13 and up : 45 minutes

Construction fever is a unique bidding and autctioning game incorporating three distinct bidding mechanisms. Designed by Kei Kajino and illustrated by Marco Primo, Construction Fever will be coming to Kickstarter in 2019.

What is Construction Fever?

Your goal in this game is to make your corporation the most prosperous construction firm by making the most profit.
However, your corporation must also keep the reputation high to remain as the industry leader. The corporations with the lowest reputations will not survive the competitions regardless of how profitable they are!

Each round player will be bidding on Black Project which is profitable but bad for the environment, and Green Project which is less profitable but environmentally friendly. You will need to balance your bids between these projects over the course of the game to earn the most money without losing too much reputation.

At the end of the game, the player with the most credits without having the least reputation is the winner.


You are a newly appointed CEO for a construction giant. Your mission is to grow the corporate revenue by engaging with profitable projects but also keeping a positive corporate image by engaging with environmentally friendly projects. It is critical to maintaining a fine balance between money and reputation to keep your shareholders happy and retain your role!

Construction Fever offers a unique gameplay by incorporating three distinct bidding systems.


24 cards (63 x 89mm)

60 credits tokens

2 project markers

5 player boards

50 meeples

1 English rulebook


Game Design: Kei Kajino

Developer: One More Game

Illustrations: Marco Primo (Website)


First English edition will be published in Q4 2019

First Japanese edition published as Bidders! in 2015 from One More Game






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